Finally the secret tool of the big money marketers is revealed:

That's right -- now you can quickly generate a staggering recurring income that pays you over and over again -- and even if you have zero technical skills you'll be blown away by how easy this is to use!

From The Desk Of:
Ian del Carmen

Dear Friend,

Want to know the secret of the big money marketers for real?

Well, guess what... there is no secret at all... sure they probably don't want you knowing about this, because they'd prefer you to remain their loyal customer (paying customer that is) for eternity.

The fact is that the fastest way to make a sizable income online is to sell your own products -- plain and simple.

But there is a disconcerting truth behind this truth... and that is if you're only selling one product at a time then your success will be short lived at best.

Sure you might make some fast cash, but it's not going to last too long after affiliate commissions and the tax man gets his share. Yes -- this is a model doomed to fail in the long term.

So what model can you follow that's not just successful in the short-term but can bring you incredible ongoing income for life? Easy... Membership sites!

Membership sites where you sell monthly membership subscriptions can help you generate a staggering recurring income day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year.

Most people's morning routine involves coffee and a mad dash off to the office during bumper to bumper traffic... now imagine a morning routine where you casually pop out of bed when you feel like it...

You leisurely stroll over to your home office, a mere 30 feet away, and you pop on your computer to discover that your inbox is jammed with subscription payments, sent to you like clockwork, whether you are at work, at play, or asleep!

And, we're not just talking a couple bucks here... no, we're talking hundreds every single day... hundreds of dollars in subscription payments just like these:

And this is just over 4 days.

Imagine what you could generate in a month (every single month)! With a recurring passive income business, your days and your life are yours to do with as you please... you are TRULY free!

Now, the reality is that if you have been trying to make money online, or learning how to market online for any length of time, you HAVE heard that there is money to be made with memberships.

In fact, chances are you are a subscriber to at least one membership site yourself. But isn't this just another one of those things where someone trying to sell you an information product tell's you it's all easy, and then it turns out it really isn't?

Well, unfortunately there are 3 hurdles you have to overcome if you want to generate a fortune with membership sites. Fortunately I'm going to show you how to explode through those barriers right here and right now.

Barrier #1 - What To Sell: If you have thought about membership sites before... perhaps you have run up against a brick wall with just what to sell? Well, guess what... finding out what to sell for membership sites CAN be easy, because people will pay, and pay gladly for information on a wide range of topics.

Let me show you...

So, I picked something I love just out of the blue... corvettes! Then I hopped into Nichebot the keyword tool, to see what the monthly searches were like.

And look at that. 2797 people are searching for corvettes every single day -- almost 84,000 per month.

You think you could get 300, 400, or more to sign up for something like $15-$20 a month for some kind of online corvette club?

Given as how there are nearly 30,000 searches per month for corvette forum, I'd say you could.

And content -- well, you can outsource articles very inexpensively and keep these guys up to their ears in content for as long as you want!

What you sell, really can be this easy... but here... let's try something else randomly that would be a smaller niche...

My son is getting into Skateboarding so let's grab a look at something like skateboarding tricks. I would think that skateboarders would be looking for a way to beef up their "bag of tricks" so to speak, so let's have a look at that and see...

And looky here... even in this very small niche, one which I just picked randomly, I was able to come up with people looking for answers.

Skateboarding tricks alone is grabbing 375 searches a day, or a whopping 11,250 searches per month.

Think you could pick up a few hundred people willing to shell out even just $10-$15 per month for all the coolest new skateboarding tricks every single month?

I think so too... and if you look at the rest of these search numbers you will see that there are thousands of other searches per month related to skateboarding tricks.

And if you need help with content? Heck, head down to the closest skatepark and offer the best skater there a hundred bucks per month to give you the newest tricks.

The bottom line here is that "what to sell" is NO barrier at all, if you want to succeed online. Pick something out of the blue, search it with Wordtracker and see if people are looking for what you selected. For content, tap into article writers, or try to find local experts to help you out (you'd be amazed by how willing people are to do this!)

So... now onto barrier #2...

Barrier #2 - How Do I Get Traffic: Getting traffic to your new membership site is not as hard as you might think (and if you keep reading, you'll see how I will make this VERY easy for you). Think about our searches above, on 2 topics I just randomly selected. We see that there is a market.

There ARE people looking for what you want to sell... and more than enough to grab a few hundred people paying you anywhere from $10-$15 per month. Even if you are only able to get 300 people out of the many thousands that want this information, at only $10 (you COULD charge much more), you'd be making $3000 per month on just 1 membership site!

So back to traffic... how do you get it? Well, there are a number of great ways to do this as follows:

Article Marketing - outsource some articles and get 'em posted to ezine articles for some fast super targeted traffic and watch new customers pour in!

Blog Marketing - Retool those same articles on a WordPress blog attached to the same domain as your membership site and start skyrocketing in the SE rankings for massive and free targeted traffic!

Social Media Marketing - Harness the power of Web 2.0 sites like scribd and Hub Pages for near instant SE results for your top keywords and watch those customers stream to your membership site!

PPC - For instant gratification you can use AdWords to begin generating your new member site customer list... place your ad and you could have new customers in MINUTES!

Best Of All - Affiliates (keep reading to see how I make this stupid simple for you!) Have other people promote your member site for you, letting them handle the traffic part, while you send them a monthly commission in return.

Yes... traffic CAN be easy too... and using just the tips above, you could VERY quickly fill up your new member site and be generating that fantastic recurring income!

Barrier #3 - Member Scripts Are Complicated: You know... when I first started building my own membership sites, membership scripts WERE complicated. They would take hours upon hours to install correctly, and often times I couldn't even do it on my own.

So, I'd end up paying someone a hefty install fee to do it for me, just to get the script loaded on my server... and then of course, I had to figure out how to use them.

Many times it seemed like weeks just to get through the install and learning curve. So, yes, membership scripts were complicated.

But that was then and this is now... because now, you have the limited opportunity to put your hands on the incredibly powerful, but easy to use...


If anyone was looking for a simple to use membership site script that doesn't cost the earth, then Memberfire has my stamp of approval!

Hi Ian! How's it going?

I have installed Memberfire and I am truly impressed!

With the simple set up like it is, I think we should be able to manage all the users.

Membership sites are the heart of recurring income profit streams. With Memberfire script, setting up access to a secure members area, I successfully set up my membership site in less than 5 minutes!

I particularly love the fact that it is approved by Clickbank's recurring billing scheme, so that I don't need to chase payments from people through my own affiliate network, nor do I have to use Mass Pay each month to take care of my affiliates.

However the setup is simple and the options are available so that Memberfire can be used with ANY payment processor. Needless to say there's the PayPal option as well.

If anyone was looking for a simple to use membership site script that doesn't cost the earth, then Memberfire has my stamp of approval!

And I will be happy to promote it!

Brad Smith
Internet Entrepreneur


The Memberfire membership script is incredibly easy to use, yet powerful enough to allow you to quickly create and unlimited number of profitable and secure membership websites -- built for unlimited recurring passive income!


With Memberfire, building a residual and passive income has become EXTREMELY easy.

It's FAST too... often you can have your membership sites built, up and running in mere minutes, accepting cash payments from a steady stream of customers that want what you're selling!

This program removes all the guesswork and wasted time on support tickets trying to figure out how to install and then use your new software. It is TRULY pushbutton simple!

Here's a tiny fraction of what Memberfire can do for you:

Simple Registration For Your New Members - New member sign ups are fast and easy, with your customer being instantly directed to the secure registration page instantly, once their payment as been approved.

Secure Sign-up For Paypal Payments - Memberfire works with the Paypal IPN and handles the redirects for you so you can ensure that your web site visitors are only getting access if they have paid you!

Secure Sign-up For Clickbank Payments - Memberfire works seamlessly with ClickBank and is one of few membership scripts to allow you to tap into their enormous pool of affiliates to really take your business to another level!

Secure Login And Logout Feature - The Memberfire login/log out functionality is encrypted to protect your new members' information from would be thieves.

Password-protected Admin Control Panel - Memberfire protects your valuable data too through a secure log in to the Admin panel where you can easily search, add and delete members in seconds!

Autoresponder Integration - Memberfire easily integrates your membership sites with any autoresponder system so that you can add your new members to your subscriber opt-in lists, sending them brandable welcome messages directly from your autoresponder, and profiting from your new list over the long haul.

Set-up REAL One-Time Offers - Maximize your profit per visitor through upsells and on every offer you create. The Memberfire cookie tracking will allow you to present a One-Time Offer which is a TRUE one-time offer, adding scarcity and urgency to boost your income!

Dual Levels Of Secure Access - Segregate your members into dual membership types for even MORE income. With each level, you'll earn more cash per member!

Works With 3rd-Party Help Desk Systems - Use the integrated members-only support feature to keep your customer support in check and keep your customers happy... or if you already have a help desk system today, quickly integrate it with Memberfire!

And so much more!


Memberfire is indeed a potent and easy to use membership script that will quickly have you generating recurring and passive income over and over again.

When you grab this today, you'll get the full featured script that does everything mentioned above, plus you'll also receive the Memberfire Membership Site System automatic installer, several professionally designed Memberfire member’s area templates, and the Memberfire Membership Site System PDF for a rapid fire start!

You're right... many of these scripts require a PDH in physics to get installed on your server... and that's just the installation. Trying to use some of them after installation is like pulling teeth.

Well, I had exactly that in mind when I designed Memberfire -- and the results are nothing short of astounding. With this script, installation is but a few quick clicks of your mouse... and using it is a breeze!

Here's a peek at the installation program -- yes, unlike most membership scripts, Memberfire is built for pushbutton installation as seen below:

Literally, within minutes your new profit pulling residual income membership site will be up and running, ready to take on a steady stream of cash paying customers! When they complete their payment they will be directed to register, as seen here:

Once your customer registers, now they're set to log in, as demonstrated below:

Your new customer lost their password? No problem... they simply fill out this form and their password is immediately sent off to their email address:

Plus your secure, centralized Admin Panel, keeps everything in one location for lightning fast access. Search for, add, edit, and delete members in seconds:

Want to build your list (you should)?

Quickly and easily set up an Upsell with a highly effective and reliable OTO cookie for an explosion of backend cash:

The bottom line here is that Memberfire is easy to use -- yet powerful enough for you to build your own incredible recurring income through membership sites.

But, hey... I'm biased about my program, even if I have personally used it to generate many thousands of dollars in income for myself. You don't have to just take my word for it...


It's almost a no brainer when it comes to building membership sites!

Ian, Thanks for making Memberfire available for us.

The ways to set up membership sites are laid out in such easy to operate manner that I'm sure even the greenest of the green newbies can manage it.

It's almost a no brainer when it comes to building membership sites.

Thanks very much again! Keep up the good work!

Dr. John Chan
Feng Shui Master


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I've been looking for and comparing different membership-site scripts for a while now and this just hit the Jackpot!

Hey Ian!

Thanks for coming up with this cool script just at the right time. I've been looking for and comparing different membership-site scripts for a while now and this just hit the Jackpot!

Now I did not yet install it on final destination domain, but just played around a bit.

Truly one-click install easiness of use! Cool. And almost anything you need in such a script is included...

As this was not my first purchase from you and I know already know about the high quality of your offers I can only say: Guys, get your hands on this NOW!!! You'll need it anyway-someday....;)

Thanks Again,

Marcus Schroefel


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I did not expect that creating membership sites would be this easy!

Just checked it out. Great offer and certainly it's excellent value for money.

I did not expect that creating membership sites would be this easy. Definitely worth it!




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The software's great. And the customer service rocks too!

Memberfire is AWESOME! I've gone through many different membership scripts and have found this to be both the most robust for the ease of use.

My business partner and I have been able to do all kinds of cool things with it, such as drip content to members so we can truly do the work once and forget about it!

Because of it's simplicity, we were able to leverage it with our other talents, take it on a large level, and start a membership-site-making business from it. Suffice it to say, the software's great. And the customer service rocks too!

Rachel Rofe


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For an absolute non-techie like me, this software is nothing but a boon!


For an absolute non-techie like me, this software is nothing but a boon.

I am glad you gave me the access to this wonderful piece of creation at the right time... just when I am planning to launch 2 consecutive membership sites...

I am sure you will get plenty of rving testimonials.. 'cause it worth it!

Aritra Basu


Click here to ignite your income with Memberfire!


I highly recommend Memberfire to anyone who's looking for a fast and affordable way of generating multiple streams of recurring income effortlessly!

Hi Ian,

Membership sites are great as they give recurring income.

But we all know how troublesome it can get as most membership site scripts can be quite costly and are limited in their functions.

What you've provided is a simple yet powerful way for anyone to set up their own membership sites within a short period of time.

I highly recommend Memberfire to anyone who's looking for a fast and affordable way of generating multiple streams of recurring income effortlessly.

Certainly a dream come true for many!

Calvin Woon


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Ian is a stand-up guy who absolutely cares about creating value for his customers.

This was a no-brainer buy for me because I've seen how much more VERY similar products go for. Ian is a stand-up guy who absolutely cares about creating value for his customers.

Justin Brooke


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The membership site I created with Memberfire looks like it was done by a pro!

Hey Ian!

I just installed Memberfire and I must say that you've made creating a membership site such a breeze... especially for beginners like me.

It's also timely coz my wife is asking me to create a membership site for her and her friends.

She's going to be in for a wonderful surprise!

The membership site I created with Memberfire looks like it was done by a pro!

I think you should be charging more for this script.

As always, you've over-delivered on this one. Keep up the good work and more power to you!

Eric R. Delos Santos


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It has all the features that I want but not that too complicated to manage compared to the more famous and expensive script out there!


This is what I'm looking for - a membership script that satisfies my needs.

It has all the features that I want but not that too complicated to manage compared to the more famous and expensive script out there.

I bought Memberfire script and plan to have more than 1 membership site with it.

Wish me luck and thanks for creating this product!

Zamri Nanyan


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I was just about to spend $179 on a similar script!!!

Hey Ian!

I feel as if I fell in the river and came out with a pocket full of fish!

I was just about to spend $179 on a similiar script...

Another brilliant purchase from Ian ...

Grab it now!!!

Tommy McLaughlin


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Memberfire is by far the easiest of all the membership site software I have installed!


I want to thank you for supplying such an easy to install software such as Memberfire!

I have been testing different membership site software for my own use, and I must say that Memberfire is by far the easiest of all the membership site software I have installed.

I highly recommend it to anyone, especially newbies who are technically challenged and looking for a simple membership site software solution - you found it with Memberfire!

BUT Memberfire doesn't stop with newbies! Oh no, I was amazed with all the features this industrial strength software offers.

The many plugins make this membership site solution go a long long way. You owe it to yourself to check out the Memberfire software before coming to a conclusion on membership site software!

Thank you for such a great script like Memberfire!

Terrie Routh


Click here to ignite your income with Memberfire!


You only offer top notch products!

Hi Ian! Thank you, thank you, thank you, finally 'a guru' who is interested in helping the 'little guy' as well as the 'big guy'. You only offer top notch products making it easier to make sales. You are always available for help and advice and in my book this goes a long way. Thanks again!

Kelly Ifrah


As you can plainly see, these folks are excited about Memberfire, and for good reason. This is absolutely the fastest way for you to begin setting up your own recurring income membership sites!

And... just because it's easy to use doesn't mean this is some barebones script either. It's stuffed with many of the same valuable features as those higher prices scripts (and some even they don't have), all designed to help you make more money faster.

Perhaps you are just wondering to yourself how much for this incredible program? After all, it's easy to get up and running in no time, even for the least technically inclined. AND - it's powerful enough to help you generate an enormous recurring income, month in and month out.

So, what's THAT worth to you? If you and I were hanging out over a beer or cup of coffee right now, just chatting about this, I think we'd both agree that the ability to quickly and easily get your own membership site up and running, generating incredible passive income, would probably be worth many thousands of dollars to you.

But, listen... I developed this to HELP you... not to force you into debt. So, there is NO way that I would ever dare ask that much of you, even though if you use it, you could make many times that in weeks or months.

So... if we were to take a look at other membership sites on the market today, some far more difficult to install and use, and many with far fewer features than Memberfire... if we were to see how much those are going for, we'd probably be dropping jaw.

Many of these scripts are going for $197... $497... $997 (and more!) So... given the ease of use and the ability to generate monster income with Memberfire, it would probably make sense for mr to price it somewhere in between, right?

Well -- forget that. I said I wanted to help you and I meant it! While I will not promise it will be this way for long, if you take action today, as in right now, I'm going to surprise the heck out of you (and in a good way)... because if you act right now, then Memberfire, the powerfully profitable and easy to use membership script is yours for...

order button here

That's right... That measly price puts this marketing weapon in your hands instantly.

I built this script because I sincerely wanted to help others to experience the same kind of success that I did with membership sites. I know firsthand the power of developing a passive and recurring income where your customers send you payments month in and month out.

But -- I wanted this to be the easiest script to set up and use, so that there is no painful installation or miserable learning curve... yes, I truly wanted you to have the ability to be up and going in hours.

I'm confident that this is just what Memberfire will do for for you --

Grab Memberfire for yourself today, put it through its paces, and see for yourself just how incredibly easy to use and powerfully profitable this program is.

You know... there's a Swedish proverb that one of my marketing buddies shared with me once... It goes something like this,"God gives every bird a worm, but he does not throw it into the nest."

Basically it means that opportunities are presented to you, but they don't just transform you into a success some action on your part. You have to grab it... go for it... take it!

Let me ask you what will be different in your life tomorrow if you do nothing?

I think we can both agree that the answer to that is quite clear. If you do nothing then nothing will change. Tomorrow will be just like today and like the day before that.

BUT - if you take furious action and grab your copy of Memberfire for $497 today... well, you could have your next membership site live and ready for paying customers -- the kind that pay you month in and month out... all within mere hours of getting started.

Submit the form below to get started and pick up your copy of Memberfire today!


YES Ian! I am ready to finally to begin generating a fantastic recurring income and I want to do it all passively, generating enormous cash whether I'm at work, play, or even asleep!

I understand that if I act now, I will receive instant access to your powerful, yet incredibly easy to use Memberfire membership script and the 2 bonuses worth over $100 by themselves - ALL for the incredibly low one time investment of only $497 $97!

You've made this so complete and you've removed any risk... there is no reason not to take you up on this exclusive and limited special offer! Finally, I can generate a recurring, passive online income for myself, no matter how many times I may have tried and failed before.

It is on this basis that I am submitting the form below and confirming my email address to grab my copy of Memberfire, this instant!



To Your Success,

PS - It's true -- all the heavy hitters are making their enormous fortunes online with membership sites and recurring revenue models. Finally you can do EXACTLY as they do, without the high priced or complicated programs. Memberfire has been made affordable and incredibly easy to use so that you can get in the game and ignite your income right now!

PPS - I'm so confident in Memberfire that I am backing it with a FULL 8 week satisfaction guarantee. Grab it today, try it for yourself for 8 weeks, and if you are not completely satisfied with its performance or even with how much money you have made, simply email me for a complete refund, no questions asked, we walk away friends.

PPPS - Every day you wait is another day you could have been adding more recurring revenue to your bottom line... Don't wait any longer. Now is the time for you to get started building your new membership sites which generate income month in and month out, whether you are working, playing, or even sleeping. There is no other opportunity like this and no other program you should use but Memberfire!

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